Artist behind iconic Tamim Al Majd portrait warns against commercial exploitation

 29 Nov 2017 - 17:27

Artist behind iconic Tamim Al Majd portrait warns against commercial exploitation
Photo credit: Ahmed Al Maadheed instagram account @ahmedbinmajed

The Peninsula Online

Doha: Ahmed Al Maadheed, the artist behind the iconic Tamim Al Majd portrait, has issued a notice in local newspapers asking companies and shops not to commercial exploit the image without his prior permission.
Al Maadheed put out a video his social media handle explaining why they issued the notice. 
“We published this notice in the newspapers because we noticed the use of the image inappropriately in many places and used for commercial exploitation,” he said.

He also said in the video that many companies and shops are using the iconic Tamim Al Majd image to market their products and also removing his signature form the portrait.

“This is the image of our leader and not an image of a football player or a singer or an artist. We noticed that the picture is used improperly for the purpose of marketing and selling goods.

“There has been a commercial exploitation by some shops where they sells products that contain the image of “Tamim Al Majd” with high prices, and exploit the feelings of people's love for Emir.

“And some companies and shops were not respecting the moral rights, they have been marketing and selling without any permission from us. And they also remove the signature from the image, he added.



The full notice in local newspapers read:

“Mr Ahmed Al Maadheed, is the exclusive owner of the intellectual Property Right No: 6442, issued by the Global firm for Intellectual Property Rights Protection (IPR) and is represented by the portrait of Emir His Highness Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani, the artwork widely spread in the name “Tamim Al Majd”. He warns against the exploiting its use for commercial purposes without his permission, and whoever violates this will be subjected to legal action.”