Qatar defeats conspiracies with resilience and unity

 26 Jul 2017 - 12:25

The blockade imposed on the State of Qatar by the siege countries has failed due to the nation’s resilience and its leadership’s wisdom. This has made many around the world admire Qatar and the way it has absorbed the impact of the crisis and managed to deal with the land, air and sea blockade with standing firmly to challenge the countries and make them failed in achieving their goals.

Qataris have stood united and have become one heart. Yes all Qataris at all levels, the Emir, the people, government stood united to resist the blockade with admirable and honest reaction to the sudden siege. The public’s firm standing against the blockade has made the impact of the blockade on the people of Qatar (including nationals and expatriates) very minimal.

The people of Qatar have showed, during this crisis, unique and honest cohesion with the leadership and patriotism that shocked the siege countries. It is a country which provided its people with all the wealth and provided them with decent and stable life making the leadership deserve more love and loyalty.

Satisfaction of its people with the justice, fairness and dignified life they are enjoying has made the country immune to conspiracies and made its people resistant to any threats posed to their country regardless of the source and strength of threats.

It is not possible to defeat united people having such level of determination or to affect their willpower in order to put them under any form of guardianship or humiliate them to degrade their independence and sovereignty.

Qatar, as presented by its Emir, its people, and government and their resistance to this illegal blockade have made it gain further respect, admire and appreciation of nations and individuals across the globe along with sympathy and respect it has obtained worldwide for its wisdom and calmness in response to the provocative measures taken by the siege countries during the crisis.

The most critical and difficult phase of the crisis has passed, and Qatar’s policy to diversify its economy and sources of income and imports have proved effectiveness of its policies and played a significant role in the failure of the sea, land and air blockade. As well, the crisis has revealed that Qatar’s trade exchange with siege countries is not as huge as was being considered because Qatar’s exports of gas and oil are mainly directed to the Asian and European markets.

Qatar has a sovereign fund amounting to $335bn and the country occupies the first place among the exporters of Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) in the world with huge reserves of gas estimated by 12.5% of the total global reserves. The country has also modernised gas transportation carriers consisting of 60 ships.

Recently Hamad Port which is one of the largest ports in the Middle East was launched. The port has capacity to receive ships and vessels of different sizes and weights and its capacity is estimated to receive around six million containers per year.

Additionally, Qatar has one of the best airline in the world — Qatar Airways — which owns a fleet consisting of over 190 commercial aircraft of the latest models and different sizes carrying passengers and goods to over 150 destinations in the world. Hamad International Airport is also one of the best and largest airports of the world.

The strong economy and abundance of finances, foreign investment and advanced sea and air carriers, have put the country in a strong position to resist and ameliorate the impact of the siege imposed by the neighbouring countries.

Adding to this, of course these are friendly ties with different countries and international organisations across the globe which altogether have been part of Qatar’s precious assets and capital and have played positive and effective role in preventing the blockaders from achieving their negative goals.

The writer is a Qatari former Judge and a renowned lawyer based in Doha