The great vision, the great resolve

 20 Nov 2017 - 9:58

The historic speech of Emir H H Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani at Advisory Council’s opening session was more than an address to the members of the Council; it was a vision of a great leader who knows who to defeat challenges and lead a nation to a glorious future surpassing all hurdles created by opponents and foiling all conspiracies being hatched by foes.

The speech at the one hand is the reflection of true sentiments of Qatar’s people and on the other a source of guidance and inspiration for the whole nation. In an utmost clear manner, H H the Emir has explained the strategy that Qatar will follow in coming times in all spheres of life from business models to legislative reforms. 

The speech of H H the Emir has also banished all rumors being spread by hostile forces about Qatar’s economy. It showed that Qatar’s economy is robust and moving steadily rejecting the blockade and its so-called effects.

His Highness in his speech emphasised on economic diversification by implementing economic development projects which will help fortifying our economy, as well as the State’s interest in achieving food and water security.

The speech was delivered, like all previous speeches, from high moral ground. Rather, H H the Emir once again expressed his sorrow over the attitude and moves of the blockading countries when H H said that Qatar has come under an unjust blockade, during which all “established values and norms — not only those prevalent among fraternal and friendly countries, but even among enemies — were breached”. 

Qatar’s leadership and nation never ever compromised on the principles of morality during siege and did not indulge in any kind of objectionable reaction to the injustices being committed by the siege countries.

At the same time, we did not compromise and will never compromise on State’s sovereignty. H H the Emir reiterated Qatar’s stance for dialogue, “We express our readiness for settlements within the framework of dialogue based on mutual respect for sovereignty and joint commitments”, but told his nation that “it was evident from the nature of the steps that were taken, as well as the accompanying behavior and rhetoric, that their goal was not to reach a solution or settlement.”

The strategy and vision of H H the Emir to take Qatar to a glorious destination is a beacon of light for every Qatari citizen either he is a government employee, runs a private business or working in any capacity in any field of life in Qatar or abroad.

The speech represents a clear plan-of-action to deal with the blockading countries, and transfers a vision and guidance to every citizen and resident of Qatar for their active role in achieving the directives of our leadership. The speech reflects the approach of the State of Qatar for the future aimed at achieving economic diversification in order to ensure comprehensive development, which is already being implemented by the government through the establishment of bilateral partnerships with many countries.

The completion of the necessary legislations and decrees to facilitate investment, reduction in bureaucracy, reforms in the banking system, completion of food and water security projects, development of new industries and services necessary to respond to any contingencies, expansion of existing economic and trade relations with world nations, development of seaports, acceleration of the implementation of tourism strategy among others are the golden blocks of this strategy on which the future of Qatar is set to be built. 

The speech of H H the Emir has boosted morale of Qatari citizens and expatriates when he expressed his resolve that Qatari society knows how to lead a normal life, flourish and develop, whether the blockade is prolonged or not. “We do not fear the boycott of these countries against us, we are a thousand times better off without them” is not only a sentence but a heartbeat of each and every Qatari national and expatriate. 

The historic speech is being lauded not only within Qatar but across the globe by every person who holds a firm belief in principles of justice, peace and progress. From start to the end, every part of the speech is a perfect reflection of deep-seated aspirations of Qatari people who are standing loyal to the leadership to defeat the siege from the day first.

Being a lawyer, I appreciate tremendously the announcement made by H H the Emir regarding upgradation of judicial system.  H H the Emir has directed to upgrade Qatar’s justice system to ensure the consolidation of the independence of the judiciary. 

H H the Emir said that the upgradation is necessary to avoid prolonged litigation by taking the necessary measures to provide all human, administrative and organisational capabilities and necessary equipment for the courts of law, the prosecution and the assisting agencies, in addition to opening new branches for them in various locations in the State. 

The speech also has a historic announcement regarding government’s preparations for the Advisory Council elections, including drafting legislative measures necessary to ensure that these elections are conducted perfectly well.

Now it is the foremost duty of each and every Qatari national to work hard with unflinching commitment to build Qatar as per vision of our leadership and thwart all conspiracies being hatched by our antagonists. 

The writer is a Doha-based Attorney at Law and Chairman of Essa Al Sulaiti Law Firm.