Police confirm 4 killed in Nigeria suicide bomb blast

 19 Mar 2017 - 13:00

Police confirm 4 killed in Nigeria suicide bomb blast
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MAIDUGURI, Nigeria: Four people including children and local security volunteers have been confirmed killed by bomb explosions in Nigeria's northeastern Maiduguri city.

Police spokesman in the area, Victor Isuku said the suicide bombers attempted to infiltrate the city through Umarari, Molai at the outskirts of the city on Saturday night but were intercepted by local security personnel known as Civilian Joint Task Force, CJTF.

"They were sighted by Civilian JTF and challenged. They detonated the IEDs strapped to their bodies while running to different directions. 

"Four people which include a Civilian JTF, a woman and her two children died," Isuku said in a statement on Sunday.

He said eight people were injured and have been taken to the hospital, blaming Boko Haram for the attack.

National Emergency Management Agency told Anadolu Agency in Maiduguri that evacuation and rescue exercise were completed early Sunday morning. 

Boko Haram which has carried out nearly seven years of violence in Nigeria's northeastern region, has continue to attack targets using suicide bombers while Nigerian Military maintains the attacks are signs of the insurgents weakness.