QNB organises ‘Diabetes at Work Day’ event

 15 Nov 2017 - 1:08

QNB organises ‘Diabetes at Work Day’ event
QNB staff undergoing examination as part of the awareness initiative ‘Diabetes at Work Day’ coinciding with World Diabetes Day.

The Peninsula

QNB organised an awareness initiative ‘Diabetes at Work Day’ for the Bank’s staff coinciding with World Diabetes Day in collaboration with the Qatar Diabetes Association (QDA), a member of the Qatar Foundation, at both its Al-Mathaf Tower and Head Office building.
The event included the organization of several health related activities that witnessed great turnout from across the Bank’s operations, including blood sugar, blood pressure, and body composition tests for the staff by QDA medical professionals, based on which they provided the participants with healthy diet and lifestyle tips to improve their health and combat this common chronic disease that is a leading cause for heart attacks, strokes, blindness, kidney failure and amputation.
The initiative, which witnessed great participation, was highly praised by the staff, who also praised the Bank’s role in organizing such health initiatives that spread awareness and provide them with opportunities to undergo medical examinations to help safeguard their wellbeing and protect them from illnesses. The Bank’s efforts in the healthcare field, and its cooperation with the QDA and various other healthcare organizations in Qatar and abroad are testament to its continues keenness on the health and safety of its staff and its commitment to spreading health awareness locally and internationally in the societies across its international footprint.