Abu Issa Holding Group holds annual Talent Recognition ceremony

 05 Dec 2017 - 11:24

Abu Issa Holding Group holds annual Talent Recognition ceremony

The Peninsula

Abu Issa Holding Group hosted the 5th edition of its annual Talent Recognition ceremony. 60 graduates were honored for their successful participation in the program.

The Ceremony was held in the presence of Ashraf Abu Issa, Chairman of the Board of Directors — Abu Issa Holding, Nabil Abu Issa, Vice Chairman of the Board and Fawaz Al Idrisi, Group Chief Executive Officer.

During the ceremony held at the Westin Hotel, the passing graduates who participated in the program, which was also supervised by a group of academic professors, were awarded with graduation certificates.

The program in its fifth edition focused on several important axes, including improving competitiveness in the local market, international markets, and integrating the new employees in the activities of the group as quickly as possible while equipping them with the necessary expertise.

During the ceremony, Ashraf Abou Issa, chairman of Abu Issa Holding Group, stated that the 5th edition of the Talent Recognition program was very helpful in developing the cadres working in the company, as it brings attention to the elements that the cadres need to be equipped with in order to succeed professionally, he also argues that the program should be implemented in various local and Arab institutions and companies, especially that attention to cadres is very important to contribute to improving productivity.

“The program will eliminate the company’s need for external recruitment within the next four years.”

He also pointed out that the Abu Issa Holding Group cooperates with major international universities within the program as well as sending department heads to major universities, whether in Qatar or abroad, especially that Qatar now has representations of major international universities.

On the other hand, Fawaz Al Idrissi, Chief Executive of the Group, said that the 5th edition of the Talent Recognition Program has proven to be the most important in terms of professional development, noting that the program contributed to the discovery of cadres and the development of their expertise.

Al Idrisi pointed out that the program contributed to stopping the recruitment of department managers from outside the company, which in turn contributed to enhancing the incentive atmosphere within the company and improving the quality of productivity and services provided.