Aspetar, Aspire Academy ‘an excellent model’ for World, Asia

 01 Nov 2017 - 1:51

Aspetar, Aspire Academy ‘an excellent model’ for World, Asia
JFA President Kozo Tashima (right) during a tour of Aspire Academy with Prof. Valter Di Salvo.

The Peninsula

Kozo Tashima, President of the Japan Football Association (JFA) and a member of the FIFA Council, and his accompanying delegation visited Aspetar, the orthopaedic and sports medicine hospital in Qatar, and Aspire Academy, an elite sports institution dedicated to developing young athletes recently.
Tashima and his associates were welcomed by senior officials from Aspetar.
The delegation was briefed about the services the hospital provides to athletes and received a comprehensive tour of Aspetar’s facilities, including the Sports Surgery Training Centre (SSTC), media imaging, rehab facilities, orthopaedic surgery centre, the Altitude Dormitory and west expansion departments.
Commenting on the visit, Tashima said: “It’s an impressive facility, attracting many top international athletes, especially footballers, who come from all over the world for surgery, rehabilitation and [medical] consultation.”
“In Japan, we hope to construct a similar facility. It is not easy, but Aspetar has provided Asia and the world with an excellent model to follow. It is known around the world as a top sports medicine hospital and I am proud to be able to say we have such a hospital in Asia.”
Tashima went on to add that a football centre is currently under construction in Tokyo and said the Japanese Olympic Committee and the Japan Institute of Sports Sciences would consider cooperation opportunities with Aspetar and Aspire Academy.
At Aspire Academy, Tashima received a tour of the Academy’s premises and sports science laboratories, including its new extension building, the state-of-the-art Football Performance Centre, which is still under construction.
Speaking about the Football Performance Centre, Tashima said: “I guarantee this Football Performance Centre will be the best of its kind in the world. It is amazing. I’m sure it will benefit Aspire Academy’s young footballers and the QFA’s national teams in the years leading up to the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar and beyond.”