Zaffran unveils ‘Made in Qatar’ menu

 30 Jul 2017 - 0:46

Zaffran unveils ‘Made in Qatar’ menu
The officials of Zaffran Restaurant with guests. Pic: Salim Matramkot / The Peninsula

The Peninsula

Zaffran, a fine dining Indian restaurant, has kicked off a unique ‘Made in Qatar’ initiative to express support and solidarity with the country and its leadership in the current crisis.

They have introduced a special menu in which most of the ingredients will be sourced from Qatari farms. For this, they have approached all the private farms in Qatar and also make it a point to purchase made in Qatar products from the markets.


The new "Madein Qatar" menu


“We will buy whatever is available in the local farms and work with those ingredients. We have approached many local farms to buy their produce directly. At Zaffran, we wanted to take the initiative and encourage “Made in Qatar” produces. That is why we have launched a new menu with some innovative dishes which I am sure our customers will enjoy,” Nitin Shroff, managing director of Taste Catering Services, which run the restaurant, said.


Roasted Pumpkin T-Bag Soup


Zaffran has a made a name for themselves by mixing traditional Indian cuisine with molecular gastronomy and whipping up some unique dishes. In the new menu also they have introduced some interesting dishes like Scientific ShowPatty Chat, a modern take on Indian street food and Char Glassy Jinga shots, jumbo prawns served in a test tube with smoke coming out, which pleases your eye and mouth in equal measures.

During the menu-unveiling ceremony at the restaurant at Al Emadi Financial Square on C Ring road, they also unveiled a huge ‘Tamim Al Majd’ poster outside the restaurant for people to sign and write messages on.