McDonald’s brings cheerful Garangao at all branches across Qatar

 24 Jun 2016 - 1:43

McDonald’s brings cheerful Garangao  at all branches across Qatar
Kids enjoying the festive season with the McDonald’s.


Doha: As part of McDonald’s Qatar annual cultural activity, and in line with the spirit of bounteousness of the Holy Month of Ramadan, McDonald’s Qatar, the leading foodservice company in the local market, celebrated the yearly Garangao festival in a spirit emanating heartfelt energy and cheerfulness night.
The related teams inaugurated the festival by welcoming children and their parents at their branches at Suhaim bin Hamad, Airport, Markiya, Landmark, City Center 1, Ras Abu Aboud, Rayyan 1, Muaither, Abu Hamour, Wakra, Tebah, Umm Salal, Hyatt, Woqood, Al Jazeera, Gharaffa, Lagoona, Barwa Village, Al Meera Quataifiya, Dar Salam, Mesaieed, Barwa City, City Center 2, Jeryan, Al Meera Wakra.
McDonald’s play area and drive thru were amplified with the loud cheers and chanting of Garangao songs by the children, dressed in traditional and colorful Garangao costumes.
Children’s also enjoyed variety of activities while walking with their gift baskets filled with nuts and candies prepared by McDonald’s staff.
Garangao, or sometimes called Gir-ga-oon, is a traditional festival celebrated across the Gulf region on the evening of the 14th of Ramadan. Dressed in abayas, veils and different traditional robes, children gather in designated locations around their residential areas and visit their neighbors and families singing Garangao songs on the tunes of the drum beats. Elders greet the kids with tasty candies and nuts which are collected in specially designed cotton bags that are hung around the necks.

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