Saudi announces amnesty for violators

 20 Mar 2017 - 0:06

Saudi announces amnesty for violators
Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Naif, deputy premier and minister of interior, launching the ‘Nation Free of Violators’ Campaign at the Interior Ministry in Riyadh Sunday. — SPA


Saudi Arabia has announced an amnesty deal for all violators of labour, Iqama and border security laws.

The 90-day grace period, which come into effect from March 29, will give an opportunity for illegal residents and foreigners who have overstayed their visas to leave without paying any penalties, Saudi Gazette reported.

Saudi crown prince, deputy prime minister and minister of interior Mohammed bin Naif bin Abdulaziz launched the “A Nation Free of Violators” campaign on Sunday.

Those who avail the amnesty within the 90-day period will be exempt from fines and penalties. Moreover those who leave during this period will not be blacklisted and they can return on proper visas.

Maj Gen Mansour Al-Turki, security spokesman of the Ministry of Interior (MOI), said during a press conference that “if the violator of the iqama (residency) and labor regulations takes the initiative to voluntarily depart from the Kingdom, he will be exempt from fines and penalties due to the violations. Moreover, he will have the right to return to work legally in the Kingdom.”

“His fingerprints will not be taken — the way it is taken from those who are deported and are not allowed to work in the Kingdom again — thus allowing them another chance to come to the Kingdom,” he said, according to the Saudi Press Agency.

Saudi Arabia has offered a similar scheme three years ago and more than 2.5 million people too advantage of the scheme.

Main points:

  • Amnesty scheme valid for 90 days from March 29
  • No penalties or fines if violators report and leave within this period.
  • No blacklist or ban if you leabe within this time frame. Can come back on proper visa
  • All expatriates without valid work permit (oqama) or reported missing by the sponsor can take advantage of the scheme.
  • People who have overstayed on Umrah or Haj or Visit or transit visa can avail the scheme. These people can depart directly from any seaport, airport or border post. There is no need to visit any government authority.
  • Those who came on work visa and violated the regulations must begin procedures through websites of Ministry of Labor or Passports Department.
  • Persons who entered Saudi illegally or expatriates who have been reported to the authorities (for remaining absent from jobs) and violators of the Haj directives (by performing Haj without a Haj permit), must report to the nearest Expatriates Administration (Idarat Al-Wafideen) to complete their procedures.
  • If someone does not have documents determining their nationalities, then should arrange the same from embassies concerned.