MSS starts retailing POLICE timepieces

 20 Mar 2017 - 0:29

MSS starts retailing POLICE timepieces
The Rattlesnake watch by the Italian brand.

The Peninsula

Leading watch retailers of Qatar, Marzooq Al Shamlan & Sons (MSS) have introduced POLICE timepieces and accessories to their interesting and varied portfolio of timepieces and accessories.
With the introduction of the brand’s latest collection, which includes timepieces for men and women, jewellery for women and accessories for men along with cufflinks, pens and wallets, the retail giant has expanded its offerings in the lifestyle segment.
Driven with a vision of providing comprehensive lifestyle concepts that caters to a wide range of audience, the Italian brand, POLICE, seems to be a natural choice to be incorporated in the exclusive collection of premium brands retailed at Marzooq Al Shamlan. With a refreshing take of modernity that strives to balance functionality with style, the collection is primed to accommodate the evolving needs of the consumer.
While the gents’ collection is dominated by timepieces featuring statement dials with sturdy and textured leather straps, the ladies collection is fresh and feminine with colourful display of sheen and glamour.
The latest collection of POLICE is available at Marzooq Al Shamlan & Sons (MSS) stores across Qatar.

A multifunctional timepiece that is styled to reflect dominance with a sporty edge, the Steampunk is a must-have for fashion conscious men. The timepiece has two time zones set inside an arrow-shaped demarcation in the dial. The contemporary combination of dark blue and stainless steel accents the details of the timepiece.

Pragmatic, casual and functional — POLICE plays the coolest of colours in fashioning Rattlesnake. Strutting a fashionable dial that clocks three time zones, the timepiece is understated in its appeal. The bold silhouette and genuine sand colour leather strap are characteristic of the timepiece that asserts style in the refreshing display of POLICE timepieces this season.

Rose gold is the colour of the season — especially for timepieces and jewellery. The ladies collection features timepieces that redefines elegance with splendour with creative occurrence of rose gold in the timepieces. Pyramid is one of the most loved pieces that has a simple dial with glittering indices adorned by rose gold and stainless steel bracelet.

With an innate sense of glamour, the POLICE Ladies timepieces celebrate femininity with vibrant colours and elegant designs. Blooming daisies inspired this golden timepiece which has indices shaped like petals of the flower. The POLICE motifs and the sparkling stones makes it an elegant timepiece that ponders and reflects on beauty and femininity.

Exquisitely crafted and layered with sheens of gold and mother-of-pearl, the jewellery is a mélange of opulent colour and assertive design. The beautiful jewellery set draws inspiration from the season’s rich colour and emotion palette.
Luxury and intelligence form an alliance to manoeuvre the art of the written word. This pen and cufflink set is crafted for the gentleman who scripts his destiny with his actions.