Lulu Group launches REO Fashion store in Al Khor

 19 Sep 2017 - 10:24

Lulu Group launches REO Fashion store in Al Khor
Mohamed Althaf, Director of Lulu Group, inaugurates the REO Fashion store, at Lulu Hypermarket in Al Khor, yesterday, in the presence of REO team and senior officials from Lulu Group Qatar Region.

The Peninsula

Lulu Group is making inroads into value fashion through the launch of its newest and specialised fashion store concept named REO at Lulu Hypermarket, Al Khor. 

REO is a 100% private label development launched by the Lulu group, with an aggressive expansion plan in the years to come. The new store is designed to cover an area of 1100 Sq metres  in the initial phase.  REO Fashion store is designed with a contemporary and classic touch. The store has smart interiors and is well equipped with modern facilities tailored to meet the needs and modes of modern shopping. 

Mohamed Althaf, Director of Lulu Group, has inaugurated the REO Fashion store by cutting ribbon, yesterday, in the presence of REO team and senior officials from Lulu Group Qatar Region.

REO is a specialty apparel and accessories retailer for men, women and kids, targeting the youthful and trendy customers, with special focus on middle-income customers and families across the Middle East. 

It offers a distinct combination of style and quality at attractive prices, addressing fashion needs for multiple lifestyle occasions. The store is expected to remain popular destination for trendy fashion apparel, footwear, lingerie, and a host of other accessories, with special focus on casual attire. REO offers affordable fashion for the modern, quality-conscious customers. It provides fashion for all occasions and fashion for all seasons at fairest rates.

With its extensive range of latest, stylish, and comfortable designs carefully crafted with state-of-the art production techniques, REO stores have all the elements to lure customers in modern times. True to their tagline “fashionably together,” the store is set to make shopping a wonderful experience for shoppers with value for money – anywhere, anytime.

Launching its initial chain of stores in all GCC countries, the group is intending to open 15-18 stores by end of the year. Most of the stores will be adjacent to Lulu department stores but with a unique and distinct look and feel and a perfect REO brand demarcation. 

Some of the stores will also be standalone stores in malls. In the next two years, the group has planned to open 50 stores in the Middle East, with few stores in Malaysia, Indonesia, and India as well. The group has also set its target to open 200 stores by 2020.

Speaking on the new initiative, an official spokesman of Lulu Group said, “The new concept was perceived with an aim of revolutionizing the fashion industry with trendy and comfortable attire at affordable prices. We wish to make high-end, quality fashion more accessible to our customers. We have a broad range to suit all styles and budgets while upholding our values around quality.”

Lulu group has always been a one-stop shop for the diverse population of the Middle East region with an international assortment of products from several countries. The group has succeeded in all its endeavors in the region in the past. The strength of the group in establishing the new fashion concept is because of its widespread presence in the region, its knowledge of the extensive customer base, good sourcing network, engagement of professional designers from Europe, and involvement of buyers and retail specialists.