Rocket scrap spotted in Qatar skies yesterday, not a meteor

 17 Oct 2017 - 11:57

Rocket scrap spotted in Qatar skies yesterday, not a meteor
Screen grab of the video shared on twitter, the fireball near The Torch Doha in Aspire Zone.

The Peninsula Online 

A fireball-like thing spotted yesterday evening over the Qatar skies has set the social media abuzz. Twitteratis in Qatar have been wondering about the fireball with many drawing various conclusions. 

Ian Matt, a Doha resident tweeted a short video wondering what the thing was.

Qatar Astronomical Centre has confirmed in a tweet that the fireball spotted yesterday was nothing but a remnant from a SL-4 rocket body.

According to Salman Jabor Althani of Qatar Astronomical Centre it was the atmospheric reentry of a Russian SL-4 rocket body which was witnessed in the skies of Qatar and few other Middle Eastern countries including Oman. 

The rocket was launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome on October 14 on an ISS resupply mission. 

Even Qatar Astronomy Club put up a video on its facebook page of the fireball that was spotted in Qatar skies. 

Well, now we do know for sure that the strange thing spotted in the sky was not a meteor or a fireball but a scrap from a rocket body.