"Unsend Messages" option in WhatsApp soon

 17 Apr 2017 - 14:06

The Peninsula Online

WhatsApp is testing a new feature that un-sends messages after five minutes of sending, which will be availabe very soon for users.
The feature which is in beta gives users a five-minutes window to allow users to delete messages they’ve already sent, but after the five-minute period, the message will be permanently sent according to the Independent.

Another new feature in WhatsApp also which is under testing will give the users more efficient shortcuts to format text. Currently, users have to input certain commands to put their text in boldface, italics and strikethroughs.

To make text bold, they have to place it between two asterisks, like *this*. To italicise it, users need to sandwich it between two underscores, like _this_, and to strikethrough a message, they need to use tildes, like ~this~.

Instead of making users learn and type those commands, the test version of the app displays the full range of formatting options when a user selects an excerpt of text with a tap and hold. 

The report adds that if the feedback from the tests proves positive, WhatsApp will roll the features out to all users in future updates. 

WhatsApp is no stranger to beat leaks with many of these features arriving in the final version. Examples of such beta features include the initial version of WhatsApp Status as well as the return of the much beloved text-status message.