Lexus evolves sophisticated NX crossover with new NX 300

 16 Oct 2017 - 9:06

Lexus evolves sophisticated NX crossover with new NX 300

The Peninsula

Lexus yesterday announced the launch of the new NX 300 in the Middle East with a sleeker and sporty exterior and sharper handling performance.

Since its introduction in 2015, the Lexus NX 300, formerly known as the NX 200t, quickly captured the hearts and minds of admirers with its combination of luxury, fresh, and contemporary design, and enjoyable driving dynamics. 

Its sales performance has been stronger than even Lexus anticipated, breaking sales forecasts in all the world markets where it is available. In efforts to sustain this positive momentum and reinforce the NX’s strong appeal, Lexus has initiated a package of revisions and improvements, covering exterior and interior styling, safety, and equipment features. 

Takeaki Kato, Chief Engineer of the Lexus NX, said: “For the new NX, we made bold refinements to the design, elevated its performance, and added new features to enhance its comfort and convenience. The new NX still possesses the same elements that have made it popular in the past?a sharp design, everyday convenience, and driving pleasure that will satisfy all enthusiasts?but the vehicle as a whole has evolved dramatically, as you are bound to see and feel when you first experience it.” 

Takayuki Yoshitsugu, Chief Representative of Middle East and North Africa Representative Office, Toyota Motor Corporation, said: “We are very excited to announce the launch of the new NX, which comes with a new range of enhancements in design, convenience, and safety, along with an added layer of meaningful luxury to express our customers’ unique personality.”