Shoura’s innovations attract visitors at QITCOM 2017

 16 Mar 2017 - 12:43

Shoura’s innovations attract visitors at QITCOM 2017

By Amna Pervaiz Rao | The Peninsula 

This year ‘QITCOM 2017’, the fourth edition of Qatar’s information and communication technology exhibition held from March 6 to 8, got an added attraction as two brand new innovations of Shoura Business Group were on display to lure the thousands of people who visited the venue. 

The smart vending machine and the HypeBox which were displayed at the expo became the centre of attraction of the expo with the state-of-the-art technology being used for the innovation of them. The Peninsula on its visit to QITCOM’s ‘Shoura Stall’ found people  throng the stall to take look at those products and to know more about them. 

Explaining about the inventions, Shaza D Ibrahiem, Business Development Officer at Shoura Company, told The Peninsula that: “The ‘smart vending machine’ (SVM) has a huge multi-touch screen with high quality display and graphic and video advertisement playing to attract customers and spread brand awareness.” 

SVM now offers not only traditional goods, such as hot and cold drinks, food, technologies, mobiles and other daily necessities, but also provides new life services such as adding value to metro cards, buying tickets, and paying bills. 

“We also have created applications for it to be used as a marketing tool to distribute gifts and collect customer data. This invention is one of its kid in the market, we are really excited to see its potential in Qatar. The stall was a great attraction at QITCOM, in fact many people  put money to purchase products as they found the screen so attractive and alluring although the setup was for display purposes only,” she further added.

Shoura Business Group is Qatari service and consulting company established in 2012 and it currently being supported by QDB (Qatar Development Bank).  QDB provides Shoura office place and guidance. Shoura Business Group is a software development and interactive solutions company. Always seeking to create innovative concepts and make them accessible to the Qatari market. 

The audience at QITCOM found the HypeBox to be so mysterious and there was so much curiosity around it. People were keen to know about the box at the stall. Elaborating the amazing features of HypeBox; Shaza told that: “HypeBox is an integrated transparent LCD screen solution which enables the users to see a real product at the same time as a person can see digital content on the screen.” 

HypeBox includes amazing four features which are; ‘Automatic Video playback’- plays automatically from USB stick (looped playback). Video formats like MP4, MPG, AVI and MOV are supported, ‘Clear and Crisp Image Quality’- Full HD resolution is available for nearly all sizes. Brilliant colours and our highly developed LED lighting create a unique experience, ‘Incredible Transparency’- The high and clear transparency turns this product into an incredible tool for any store, exhibition or event. Look through the display like it’s just piece of glass and the last feature is it’s ‘Sophisticated Design’ the robust construction is made from steel finished by white matt powder coating. The rounded corners let the boxes look beautiful in any environment.”

“We create videos and interactive solutions on the transparent screen to promote the real products showcased in it. We found it useful in retail and awareness campaigns, it comes in a range of sizes (it can even fit in a car),” she further noted.