Barwa Bank names winners of Thara’a scheme

 14 Sep 2017 - 0:16

Barwa Bank names winners of Thara’a scheme
Barwa bank is pictured in Doha, Qatar, June 11, 2017 (REUTERS / Naseem Zeitoon)

The Peninsula

Barwa Bank yesterday announced the names of the most recent round of draw winners for Thara’a, a Shariah-compliant savings promotion scheme, at the Bank’s headquarters.
As the draw results showed, Hassan Ahmed A M Al Mutawa, Nasser Mohammed Al Tamimi,  Ahmad Eliyas Shibani and Aisha Erhama A S Al Kuwari, each won a cash prize of QR10,000. Also, a cash prize worth QR 5,000 was awarded to the following bank clients:  Ismail Bin Suboh,    Ali Hassen A M AL-Mohammadi,  Bibibakhiyar Mahoudinowdaz, Amna Saleh H S Alaqili,   Aiexandre   Farhi,   Mohammed Ahmad R A Al Naimi and Sadaanandh Prem Anandh.