Man gets jail for stealing colleague's passport

 13 Jan 2018 - 16:24

Man gets jail for stealing colleague's passport
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The Peninsula Online

Doha: The Court of First Instance sentenced a man for six months in jail for stealing his colleague's passport after a luncheon at his home and ordered his deportation from Qatar following the conclusion of the jail term.

According to the case documents, the defendant stole the passport, when he visited the victim’s house for lunch. The victim was surprised to receive a call from the defendant telling him that he has stolen his passport and will not return it until the victim waived off the funds borrowed by the defendant.

The victim requested mediation by two people to get his passport back and a common friend travelled abroad to get the passport back from the defendant, who had left the country after stealing the passport. 

Once he received the document back, the victim approached authorities and lodged a formal complaint against his colleague for stealing the passport.

The public prosecution accused the defendant of stealing the victim's passport from his residence and requested that he be punished under the Penal Code, and the court sentenced him to six months in jail and to deport him from Qatar following the execution of the sentence.

The Peninsula newspaper posts these kind of legal cases from the court, to raise awareness about the dangers of violating laws or infringing on others in the country.

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