7,500 students walk in as Birla Public School reopens

 11 Sep 2017 - 2:12

7,500 students walk in as Birla Public School reopens
Students of Birla Public School expressing their love for Emir H H Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani and recording on canvas their school’s solidarity with Qatar on the day of reopening.

The Peninsula

A surging mass of over 7,500 students of Birla Public School thronged its campuses yesterday morning as they reopened after summer holidays.
While classes I to IV are in annexes I and II at Nuaija campuses, some of the classes of class IV and the remaining grades upto 12 are on the main campus at Abu Hamour.
As the new ones joined different grades from India, entered the school with anxiety and expectations, the incumbent ones had joy and happiness writ larger than faces from teachers teaching in Kindergarten to teachers in plus two.
A seven-day workshop and orientation on topics such as “Differentiated Instruction”, “Participatory Learning and Learner centric classroom”, “Objectives and Outcomes”, “Google Classroom” and “Active Learning” was organised.
Differentiated Instruction introduces the teacher to the realm of psychology and the need to understand variety of needs and skills that children are born with just as there is diversity in the children , so must the teachers be to cater to their children’s needs.
Participatory Learning and Active Learning modules open a new vista of pedagogy for teachers wherein teachers pivot their focus to children to get them fully engaged and involved in learning.
The students must aim at “mastery of excellence” rather than achieving “Performance Mastery”. While the mastery of excellence encompasses students’ immersion in the concepts and complete understanding of them, the performance mastery dulls the edge of excellence with students being content with marks. Our school is aiming at “mastery of excellence” said A K Shrivastava, Principal.
Teachers are fully equipped with the updated pedagogy and the skills called for using technology as a tool for imparting not only knowledge, but life skills.