Qatar succeeds in resolving disputes through ‘mediation diplomacy’

 10 Nov 2017 - 0:09

Qatar succeeds in resolving disputes through ‘mediation diplomacy’
Minister of State for Foreign Affairs H E Sultan bin Saad Al Muraikhi at the EU-Arab World Summit in Athens.


Athens:  Minister of State for Foreign Affairs H E Sultan bin Saad Al Muraikhi affirmed the success of the State of Qatar in resolving many national and regional conflicts and disputes through the development of the “mediation diplomacy” between the parties.
The Minister said at the EU-Arab World Summit “Towards a Solid Alliance”, which began yesterday in Athens and concludes today, that working to resolve disputes and conflicts at its home country, achieves stability and thus reduces the flow of refugees.
Al Muraikhi said that this meeting is proof of the collective conviction of the importance of Arab-European dialogue and the importance of building on what has been established in the past, as well as working towards its development towards a wider horizons and the necessity of coordination between the two sides, particularly due spiritual, historical, cultural and other levels both sides share. He added that this conference is being held while the world is facing many regional and international challenges, which necessitates us to redouble efforts to improve the framework and level of cooperation between the Arab countries and the European Union (EU).
Al Muraikhi said that Qatar appreciates the continuity of the organisation of the “EU-Arab World Summit” as well as the choice of its motto “Towards a Solid Alliance” and the focus of its deliberations, as this slogan has important implications in view of the common challenges facing the world. He noted the world today is no longer as it was yesterday, which necessitates the need to build strong and effective alliances, because the effects and consequences of local issues in any country or continent of the world affect everyone as in Europe and the Arab world.
The Minister stressed that the challenges faced by the Arab region, whether on the Palestinian issue or the Syrian crisis or the interference of regional and international powers or instability in Yemen, Libya, Iraq and the counter terrorism, are no longer confined in their geographic space or in their cultural orbit but it has become a transboundary, a cross-border and cross-cultural barriers, which confirms the reality of the common destiny of humanity as a whole.
He pointed out that building a strong alliance between the Arab world and Europe is not only a moral responsibility towards the peoples of the two regions, but a practical commitment and humanitarian duty towards the world peacemaker and the collective building of the future between the Arab world and Europe.