Aspire Lake Festival begins with a visual feast

 10 Nov 2017 - 0:04

Aspire Lake Festival begins with a visual feast
Artistes perform at the Aspire Lake Festival at Aspire Park yesterday. Pic: Baher Amin / The Peninsula

By Raynald C Rivera / The Peninsula

A diverse group of artistes unleashed a stunning visual feast enjoyed by thousands of people who thronged the opening night of the Aspire Lake Festival yesterday.
The dazzling interplay of light and music paralleled with the brilliant performance of the artistes in their elaborate costumes resulted to a spectacular show which left the audience in absolute delight.
A first-of-its-kind show in Qatar, the show, which combined cultural and artistic elements, exuded an Italian vibe as performers staged a sensational show on gondolas along the lake involving state-of-the-art design and effects. Making the hour-long show unique was the use of elements of nature including air, fire and water as effects, making the performances truly spectacular.
Singers, acrobats, and fire artistes some of whom were garbed in costumes to resemble fantastic land and sea creatures performed on a stage set up on Aspire lake and on over a dozen gondolas cruising on the lake.
Performers dressed as butterflies flapped their wings glittering with a multitude of lights and fire artistes played with fire as a singer belted power ballads during the performances which earned ovations from the audience.
A number of gigantic jellyfish emitting celestial lights floated in the air, while vibrant music played and spotlights flashed in all directions during the show.
The 1,400 capacity seating area was filled in no time during the first of the two shows of the night with hundreds more in queue, while others stood around the lake to witness the show.
“We knew that many people will watch the show since this is the first time in Aspire so we made sure to come early to secure seats,” said Intas, who came with his entire family for the show.
“It was a great show for everyone. All of us enjoyed it especially with the nice weather. Aspire should organise this every year,” said Ahmed, who watched with his friends.
With a wide variety in their menus, 12 food trucks spread across the venue attracted many customers looking to enjoy food while watching the show.
The festival is presented by Aspire Zone Foundation (AZF) in partnership with Katara and Ooredoo in line with its commitment to boosting the tourism and leisure sectors in Qatar by introducing new activities to attract and excite visitors. Due to this innovative approach, Aspire Park has become one of the most popular destinations for both recreational and sporting events.
The festival runs until tomorrow with two free-to-the-public shows at 7.30pm and 9.30pm.