Qatar pavilion wins first place at Expo Astana-17

 10 Sep 2017 - 3:13

Qatar pavilion wins first place at Expo Astana-17
Visitors at the Expo Astana 2017 in Kazakhstan.


The Ministry of Economy and Commerce announced yesterday that the pavilion of the State of Qatar at the Expo Astana 2017 in Kazakhstan won the first place and the gold trophy between more than 100 pavilions of countries participating in the World Expo.
According to a statement issued by the ministry, The State of Qatar participated in the “Expo Astana” exhibition with a distinctive pavilion, which design has combined modernity, technology and authentic Qatari heritage and culture. The pavilion exhibits a range of projects and successful experiences in the fields of future energy and alternative energy as well as energy diversification strategy in accordance with Qatar National Vision 2030 and the most important challenges facing this sector. The pavilion’s facade is constructed in an innovative manner, making it a tourist destination and an attractive business and investment environment, the press release said.
The pavilion of the State of Qatar consists a number of key sections. The “Vibrant Qatar” section offers a visual presentation for visitors to familiarize them with the history of the State of Qatar over the years, while the “Future Technology” section provides an insight into the State of Qatar’s approach to promoting the use of green technology to reduce carbon emissions. The “Sustainable Energy” shows the future smart use of energy and how wasteful use of energy has become an outdated behaviour. In the section on “Human Energy “, visitors are informed on the importance of supporting human capabilities in the field of advanced research in energy sources and the need to work on their development.
Expo Astana 2017, Being held between 10 June and 10 September 2017, is an opportunity to promote in a number of different aspects in the field of energy, renewable and alternative energy, environment, economy and other vital and important areas, Over 100 countries and 18 international organizations are taking part in the exhibition. Millions of people from all over the world visited the Expo Astana 2017.
The statement considered winning the exhibition’s award to be an extension of the State of Qatar’s achievements in its participation in international forums.