Qatar Academy-Doha supports QCS

 10 Jan 2017 - 12:21

Qatar Academy-Doha supports QCS

The Peninsula

Under the umbrella of Qatar Foundation’s Pre-University Education, Qatar Academy-Doha has organised an interactive day for its students and teaching staff to inform them about cancer, the means to treat it and prevent it, and the importance of detecting it at an early stage. 

The proceedings raised from the event, which amounted to QR34,437, were handed over to Qatar Cancer Society (QCS) to support its programmes and activities for increasing health awareness about cancer. 

This initiative is the highlight of Qatar Academy’s continuous efforts, and one of many other charitable programmes. QAD reflects its social responsibility by sponsoring such activities and events for the third consecutive year.

On this occasion, Deputy Qatar Academy Director Maha Al Rumaihi said: “In Qatar Academy-Doha, we feel proud that our students are informed and determined to organise a breast cancer awareness campaign on an annual basis. The students themselves organise the activities and preparations for the awareness day, before donating all funds raised to QCS.” 

Commenting on the event, Grade 12 student Ahmad Al Hajri said: “Each year in October, the students organise a special event, during which they wear pink-coloured clothes and engage in activities aimed at collecting funds to support cancer patients, and developing awareness, among students, about the disease and the means to prevent it.”

For his part, Omar Al Tuwaysi, QCS marketing officer, extended sincere thanks to Qatar Academy-Doha for its continuous support to QCS activities, and for its efforts to organise this event to promote public awareness and collect funds for QCS. He further expressed hope that all bodies concerned cooperate together to raise awareness about cancer and support cancer patients financially and morally.

Al Tuwaysi praised Qatar Academy’s significant community involvement which primarily aims to develop all spectra of society, noting that this event is not the first of its kind, but was preceded by other actions initiated in support to QCS. He further hoped that this cooperation could be pursued so as to serve everyone’s interests.

Health educator Dr Hadi Abu Rashid said: “We thank Qatar Academy-Doha for its valuable initiative and for hosting this event, where we can reach out to more people to raise awareness about cancer and the importance of early detection of the disease, thus saving many human lives. Such events are also an opportunity to stress the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle and exercising in order to prevent diseases, given that individuals leading inactive and unhealthy lifestyles are the most vulnerable to cancer.”