Philippine agency picks Qatar as economic hub

 10 Jan 2017 - 22:56

Philippine agency picks Qatar as economic hub
Clockwise: Adel Sa’adeh, Greg Loayon, Joseph Timothy Rivera, Felipe Montealto Jr

The Peninsula

The Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA)-the Philippine agency dedicated to management and promotion of economic zones and generating foreign investments- has chosen Qatar as its strategic hub for the Middle East, Europe and Southeast Asia region.
Yesterday, PEZA announced the appointment of Doha-based special advisers for the region.
PEZA Group Manager for Promotions and Public Relations Elmer San Pascual released yesterday appointment documents issued by PEZA Director General Charito Plaza officially designating Joseph Timothy Rivera, Greg Loayon, Felipe Montealto Jr and Adel Sa’adeh as special advisers.
They will serve as “goodwill business ambassadors” of PEZA who will assist the director general in implementing PEZA’s new thrusts in developing untapped investment markets in their respective assigned territories. When travelling overseas, they will carry out priority meetings at request of the PEZA Director General including lobbying for market access or leading events for Philippine economic zones.
Covering the Middle East, these special advisers will be offering their business experience and knowledge across a range of sectors and geographical markets. Rivera, Director for Property Administration of Direct Real Estate and Chairman of the Association of Filipino Real Estate Executives in Qatar (AFREEQ) will also cover Northern Europe; Loayon, Country Manager of Zurich Insurance Group and Chairman of the Philippine Business Council, will also cover Central and Eastern Europe while Montealto, MGC CEO, will also cover South East Asia and Sa’adeh, GEMCO General Manager, and the only non-Filipino appointee will focus on Qatar, KSA and the UAE.
"PEZA is so thankful for all the help extended to us by our Special Advisers particularly in the Middle East as PEZA needs all the help it can muster worldwide to bring in more foreign direct investment into the country and into PEZA to help create more employment opportunities for our people and free our citizens from the bondage of poverty thus uplifting the lives of our countrymen and improving the quality of life of Filipinos," said Plaza.
The newly appointed Special Advisers are preparing for the upcoming Philippine Investment Seminars in KSA (February 11-12), UAE (February 13-14) and Qatar (February 15-16).
The Doha leg will be held at The Ritz-Carlton featuring Philippine investment offerings to Qatari businessmen such as zero taxes, customs duty and VAT exemptions, 100 per cent foreign owned entities and 75-year leasehold on landed business. This conference will be presented by a high level delegation of Philippine government officials led by Plaza and members of Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry.