Digital media set for 'big leap' in sports

 10 Jan 2017 - 21:34

Digital media set for 'big leap' in sports
Stefan Mennerich (Photo courtesy: Quelle / FCB)

By Armstrong Vas / The Peninsula

The digital revolution at sports stadiums will grow much bigger and better with the passage of time, delegates attending the media roundtable ‘Age of the Digital Sports Fan in Qatar’ opined.
 “The digital media is set for a big leap and there is a big possibility to grow. We are in the process of providing conceptualized fan content to our 600 million fans spread throughout the world. We want to give fans the best possible experience,” said Stefan Mennerich, Head of Digital Projects at Bayern Munich.
Germany’s most successful football club has partnered with SAP, the leader in business in applications, to achieve their sporting and business goals.
The two have entered into a three-year platinum sponsorship in which the two organizations will co-innovate on solutions aimed at improving fan experiences, player performance and health monitoring, and business processes.
For the Bavarians the next big step in the digital age is providing personalized conceptualized content to the world wide fans of the club.
“We have been building for digitalization transformation which is our next big project.”
Elaborating on the next big leap in the digital age in the sports arena Mennerich said: “Expanding and strengthening our global brand recognition with enhanced experiences for fans around the world. By capturing finer details about fans, the club is able to bring them closer to the game and the team with relevant, personalised content."
SAP software is providing a broad range of opportunities to advance FC Bayern’s success. Real-time views of fans enable tailored offers based on their needs, preferences, past interactions, and current context. SAP also supports monitoring and analysis of social media sentiment to proactively engage with fans. Real-time customer insight is helping the club develop new products and services based on emerging demand.
 “E-commerce is very important to us as we have 600 million supporters around the globe and it is very important to us to reach them and give them the possibility to buy our articles on line,” said Mennerich while speaking exclusively to The Peninsula
“We have many international fans but our international merchandising can grow, has a big possibility to grow and SAP as a good partner makes it happen. SAP has an e-commerce software which works around the globe. It is flexible. E-commerce is very important to us. Today, we make more than 50 percent turnover of merchandising via e-Commerce and it will grow. E-commerce is very important for our future,” he added.
Stefan Wagner Global General Manager, Sports and  Entertainment of SAP said different clubs use the data provided them in different ways.
“With at SAP have the task to convert the big data available into smart data which is user friendly and which is easily used by players, officials and others who are not so techno savvy.”
SAP also helps FC Bayern to enhance player performance and help in player development.
Wagner said the company started the sports analysis division one and half year back and they have their operations in six countries.
The sports analysis and digital development, for sure, is likely to grow bigger. We have operations in China, England, Brazil, Belgium, Germany and Mexico, supporting some 200 odd sports associations and clubs.”
On future trends Wagner said: “We are working in the areas of fans engagement and fan experience so that our clients can interact with fans.”
Markus Egger, Director of Strategy at Aspire Academy said: “We are trying to provided potential advantage for our athletes. SAP is making it happen for us using innovative methods. We are working on innovative ideas."