QM gears up to host event at MIA Park

 09 Nov 2017 - 0:36

The Peninsula

Qatar Museums is gearing up to organise a colourful weekend event to celebrate traditions and cultures from all over the world at Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) Park tomorrow and on Saturday.
International schools and communities were invited to take part in this festival, which celebrates the rich and varied heritage of people residing in Qatar. Countries represented by either the country’s Embassies, community groups, or schools, include Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Tunisia, Palestine, Morocco, Bangladesh, Philippines, India, China, Tanzania, USA, Canada, Turkey, Afghanistan and Sudan.
During the event, communities will give a glimpse into their cultures by showcasing traditional clothing items, music, games, books and much more. In addition, a selection of delicious food and beverages representing each country will be on offer.
Salem Al Aswad, Deputy Director, Learning & Outreach at MIA said, “We’re proud to celebrate and recognise cultures from all over the world at MIA this weekend. It is wonderful to see individuals from all over the world come together to connect over music, books, children’s activities and delicious food.”
The event at MIA compliments QM’s commitment to promote understanding, recognition and appreciation of different cultures, traditions and people in Qatar.
QM believes that culture is one of the most effective tools for bringing people closer together, encouraging dialogue and deepening understanding between people.