Next Monday, Venus will be approaching Jupiter over Qatar sky

 09 Nov 2017 - 23:41


Next Monday, two planets of our solar system planets will be approaching on dawn sky; where giant planet “Jupiter” will be at less than half degree southern third brightest luminary “Venus”. Qatar Calendar House (QCH) announced.
This phenomenon will be appearing over Qatar and all Arabic area region skies. Qatar Residents will be seeing and observing Jupiter very close to Venus over eastern horizon of Qatar sky during dawn time of Monday from time rise of Jupiter until before sunrise time; where Jupiter will be rise over Doha sky at 4:48 Am, while sunrise time will be at 5:49 Am Doha local time. Astronomer expert Dr Beshir Marzouk said.
This astronomical phenomenon is very important because it’s good chance to can seeing and observing Jupiter &Venus very close by naked eyes, moreover, it’s guide for amateur astronomers to know map of sky and validates astronomical calculations.
As known, Jupiter is fifth planet far from the Sun, and largest planet in our Solar System, moreover it’s surrounded by more than 69 moons, while the four largest moons discovered by Galileo Galilei in 1610: Europa, Callisto, Ganymede and Io.
On the other side, Astronomers called Venus is morning and evening star, where it is the first luminary can see after sunset when it’s over western horizon, and it’s the last luminary can see before sunrise when it’s over eastern horizon, moreover, Venus is the brightest plant of our solar system planets.