Thousands protest in Morocco's Casablanca city

 09 Oct 2017 - 10:04

Thousands protest in Morocco's Casablanca city


CASABLANCA, Morocco: Thousands of people came out in the streets of northern Casablanca city Sunday in protest against the state’s continued detention of rights activists who raised their voice for marginalized Al-Rif region.

Hundreds of activists have been incarcerated in the country since fishmonger Mohsen Fikri died after being crushed by a refuse truck in the flashpoint city of Al-Hoceima on Oct. 28, 2016. 

According to one estimate, more than 300 people were being held following what is now known as the Al-Rif Movement that came about following Fikri’s death. Some of the activists in jail are said to be on hunger strike.

During the protest on Sunday, people chanted several slogans "freedom for all detainees" and "people want to fight corruption", according to an Anadolu Agency reporter at the scene.

The Moroccan government maintains that the solution to the crisis is through political and developmental means.