Qatar hosting sporting events to spread peace

 08 Nov 2017 - 8:44


Assistant Secretary-General for Security Affairs at the GCC General Secretariat Maj. H E Gen. Hazzaa Mubarak Al Hajeri said that Qatar realises the importance of sports in spreading peace among nations and has succeeded in hosting many sporting events to spread the messages of peace, security and mutual respect among the countries of the world.

Addressing the First Major Event Safety and Security Conference in Doha, HE Al Hajeri said that terrorism represents the biggest challenge among the security threats to all countries of the world as it is a cross-border crime and not a threat to a particular country, but to international peace and security, stressing that this challenge must be addressed by the cooperation and support of all countries of the world.

Meanwhile, reassuring the fans of sports during sporting events and taking security measures to ensure their safety inside and outside sports facilities, as well as providing a climate suitable for players to perform without concern for their safety also represent a big challenge, Al Hajeri added.

He added that the threats faced some sports facilities around the world made sports security not only the responsibility of the state organizing the event, but the responsibility of all countries of the world, noting that the cost of securing major events rose to the extent that poor countries reluctant to organize, which requires concerted efforts to provide security for sporting events.

He noted that Qatar’s hosting of the First Major Event Safety and Security Conference aims to come up with innovative ideas formulated by the participants and the experts with the aim of making recommendations that will contribute to enhancing the security capabilities of the countries that will host major sports events. Moreover, it is a good occasion for Qatar, host of the 2022 World Cup.