Iraqi forces announces liberating new areas in Mosul

 08 Mar 2017 - 14:37

Iraqi forces announces liberating new areas in Mosul
Iraqi government forces supported by fighters from the Abbas Brigade, which fight under the umbrella of the Shiite popular mobilisation units, advance in village of Badush some 15 kilometres northwest of Mosul during the ongoing battle to retake the city's west from Islamic State (IS) group jihadists on March 7, 2017. AFP / Mohammed SAWAF


Baghdad: Iraqi security forces on Wednesday announced liberating new areas of central Mosul city center, west of the country.

Security source said that forces from the federal police and rapid response forces and counterterrorism invaded old Farouk, new Farouk and Ibn Al-athir grave, also known as " The girl's grave" provinces in Mosul city and liberated them after killing several members of ISIS and " suicidal rebels"as well as arresting other four ISIS members. 

The source pointed out that the federal police forces managed to respond to the attack of ISIS in /Al Dawasa/ near / Nineveh/ Governorate building after killing six "suicide bombers". 

In Al Dawasa and Bab Lakash in east side of Mosul, the security forces found large tunnels belonging to ISIS after its liberation. The tunnels connecting the Mosul's new provinces to the old ones contained civilians prisons, torturing equipment and a list of names of those executed. 

The security source added that they were able to free number of civilians that were arrested by ISIS after hearing their screams in a small building belonging to the Civil Status Directorate in Mosul.