Vodafone spreads online safety awareness

 06 Dec 2017 - 8:46

The Peninsula

Vodafone engaged more than 1,000 children, teachers and parents on the topic of online safety throughout the week-long Doha International Book Fair which came to a close yesterday. 

This came as part of Vodafone’s AmanTECH online safety programme, which aims to equip people with the right tools to navigate the digital world safely. In line with Vodafone’s commitment to promote online safety across the community, the Company has been rolling out its digital safety training across schools and key events in the country to reach high numbers of the public. 

Vodafone used innovative digital technology to help visitors to its dedicated stand learn about how to stay safe on the internet. Vodafone created an augmented reality (AR) app, which brought everyday objects to life with overlaid informative videos and infographics. The 25 AR learning activities included topics such as how can technology help with education, how to stay safe using social media and how long is it good for a child to spend on screens each day.

“In today’s ever-expanding digital world, the subject of online safety has become critical to understand. Nearly half of Qatari children aged 8-15 own a smartphone, and 76% of children aged 9-16 have a social network profile,” said Mohammed Al Yami, External Affairs Director, Vodafone Qatar. 

“The average Qatari 9-16 year-old spends over 3 hours per day on the net which is a considerable amount of time spent by people of different age groups online. It is therefore crucial that we ensure youth are surrounded with a healthy technology-driven atmosphere and that we don’t miss out on the extraordinary benefits of this revolutionary era in human communications,” he said.