DPS-MIS girls shine at Qatar Preparatory Schools Debate League

 06 Dec 2017 - 10:45

DPS-MIS girls shine at Qatar Preparatory Schools Debate League

The Peninsula

Qatar Preparatory Schools Debate League-I (Girls) took place on 2nd December, 2017 at Muiather Independent Preparatory School for Girls.

The tournament was charged with buoyant and zealous debaters full of energy and spirit.

They were engaged in 10 hours of heated debate with well-prepared speeches and case breaking rebuttals against 48 teams from 23 different schools on topics ranging from the blockade of Qatar to the atrocities committed against the minorities, from corporal punishments to banning of beauty pageants.

DPS-MIS delegation was led by its coach Jaya Majumder along with Nadia Khan, Malathi Mahalingam, Somasunadaram Narayanan and 13 students. Sandra Ramachandran was honored to sit in the panel as judges along with other adjudicators.

At the end of the day, DPSMIS topped by gaining 8 points. Team Saumya Tibrewal, Mishti  Ahluwalia and Tejaswi Manoj and Team Milonee Bera, Aina Merchant and Kiara D’Mello secured the first and third position respectively, each winning all four rounds, while Team Deepa Kale, Gauuri Gupta and Samriddhi Bhardwaj came in the sixth position having won three out of four rounds.

In the individual category, Aina and Milonee came third, followed by Tejaswi at fifth, Mishti and Saumya at ninth, Samriddhi and Kiara at fourteenth and Gauuri and Deepa at seventeeth position. It was an enriching experience for all the debaters and it helped them to learn the various arts of public speaking and debating including wordplay, time management, critical thinking and persuasive capacity.