Mexican police find 7 dismembered bodies in violent south

 06 Nov 2017 - 12:12

Mexican police find 7 dismembered bodies in violent south
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Chilpancingo, Mexico: Seven charred and dismembered corpses were found Sunday inside garbage bags on a dirt road in a southeastern Mexican town disputed by opium gum dealers, regional authorities said. 

Chilapa, home to some 120,000 people, lies in a mountain region in the state of Guerrero where opium poppies are grown and drug cartels fight for control of heroin trafficking.

Regional security authority spokesman Roberto Alvarez told AFP criminal gangs are engaged in turf wars to dominant the trade of opium gum, which is extracted from the bulbs of poppies to develop heroin.

Earlier this year Mexican police made the grisly discovery of six decapitated bodies in the region as well as the corpses of four more men in Chilapa.

The town is a violent hotspot situated just 38 kilometers (23 miles) from Ayotzinapa, home to the teacher training college attended by 43 students who disappeared at the hands of corrupt police in 2014.

And at least 16 people were reported missing in Chilapa in May 2015 after an armed group of 300 people occupied the town for several days.