Olive International School Sports Day kicks off

 05 Nov 2017 - 9:31

Olive International School Sports Day kicks off

The Peninsula

 A splendid and scintillating sports evening brought life to Olive International School in their Umsalal Ali Campus on November 3.

Kids of pre-primary section of Abuhamour, Khartiyat campus and Grade 1 of Umm Salal Ali participated in fun sport events like bag race, hoola hoop race, ball race, kangaroo race and various other interesting games.

The President of Indian Sports Centre, Nilangshu Dey, the chief guest of the day; and guest of honour, Jayan, encouraged the students and athletes with their esteemed presence.

The inspiring words of our chief guest set the tone of the day.

Sports Day was declared open with the torch run by the athletes of Grade 1 followed by the flags pitching by the Student council of Umm Salal Ali. 

This was followed by an energising and enthralling theme based walk past by the tiny tots, who also  put up a colourful drill performance as spectators looked on with absolute excitement.

The little ones busied themselves in various events with great verve and enthusiasm.

The medals were given away to the winners of each event.

The fantastic turnout from the parents and the pleasant weather were the perfect boost for the students on their much-awaited day.

A combined drill by Khartiyat and Abu Hamour campus followed by the drill of Grade 1 students brought the sport events to a close. 

Each section of Grade 1 represented a country and the support for the contingent representing Qatar was evident from the cheers and loud applause they got from the audience.

The grand prize distribution ceremony took over with loud cheers and applause for the winners.

Principal’s trophy for the best walk past was awarded to KG 1 I from Kharaitiyat, KG 2 B from Abu Hamour and Grade 1A from Umm Salal Ali.