Business at Al Furjan Markets flourishes

 05 Oct 2017 - 1:12

Business at Al Furjan Markets flourishes
A view of the Al Furjan Markets in Umm Sanim.

By Sanaullah Ataullah / The Peninsula

With the gradual rise in population around Al Furjan Markets, the business at the outlets operating in these souqs has also started rising.

Al Furjan Markets are located in remote areas of Qatar to serve residents of those localities, making it easier for residents to access important services without reaching Doha or neighbouring towns.

They are state-owned commercial facilities provided to the citizen on lower rents compared to other markets. The Peninsula reporter, on his visit, noticed over a dozen cars of customers parked at an Al Furjan Market in Umm Sanim yesterday noon.

More customers were also sighted at groceries and eateries compared to other outlets like laundry and barber shop.

Speaking to The Peninsula, the manger of a fruit and vegetable shop operating at Umm Sanim-Al Furjan Markets said:

“We have started receiving more customers as the population of the locality is increasing.”

“Many families have shifted to the newly built residential units. We started business about two years ago. At the beginning, it was very difficult in making enough money to cover the cost of operation,” said the manger adding that now the shop was running in profit.

Speaking on the challenges being faced by the shopkeepers at Al Furjan Markets, a shopkeeper said the new shopping malls being opened in the vicinity were affecting their business. “The shopping malls are not very far from this area so the customers usually prefer to visit them for major shopping,” said the shopkeeper.

Manger of a barbershop appealed to the authorities concerned to build accommodations for those working at Al Furjan Markets. The experts said that the growing business will encourage the authorities concerned to implement projects of Al Furjan Markets for the next phase.

“Fast development of the country has helped in filling remote areas with residents but there are some areas that still do not have good population,” said the experts. 

The authorities concerned have taken a number of steps to promote these shops like launching mobile app to introduce customers about the activities of Al Furjan Markets and guide them to the nearest market. The app “Alfurjan” is available on smart phone.

Qatar Development Bank (QDB) has revealed about a feasible study on adding accommodations for those working at Al Furjan Markets in a recent comment posted on its twitter account. The project launched first in 2013 is a combined initiative of the Ministry of Economy and Commerce, Ministry of Municipality and Environment, Qatar Development Bank (QDB), Private Engineering Office (PEO).