Sandstorm: Caution urged

 25 Aug 2016 - 3:11

Sandstorm: Caution urged
A massive dust storm near Aspire Park yesterday afternoon. Dense, swirling dust sent by strong winds caused poor visibility in Doha and many parts of Qatar. Picture by The Peninsula reader Mohamad Dabbous


DOHA: Strong winds sent swirling dust which shrouded Doha and many parts of Qatar, leading to massive fall in visibility across the country yesterday afternoon.
“Doha is being affected by dust due to temporary strong downdraft winds resulting from the thunder cells in the north,” the Qatar Meteorology Department said in its Twitter account.
The Ministry of Interior warned motorists to be cautious while driving due to poor visibility caused by the sandstorm.
Scattered rains were also reported in Al Sheehaniya, Al Ghuwariyah, Al Khor and other areas.
The low visibility experienced across Qatar is expected to continue until tomorrow due to morning fog and mist, according to the weather bureau.
Mist and fog is expected during the early hours of today. The condition is forecast to change by afternoon with hot weather, however some places might experience scattered rain and clouds, according to a spokesperson at the department.
“Scattered rain is a common feature in Qatar during end of August. We have experienced such rain in the past,” he said.
Visibility will be between 4km and 8km and could drop to 2km in some places.
The average temperature in Doha will range between 32 and 42 degrees Celsius and could reach 43 degrees in places like Messaid and Al Wakrah. Southwesterly winds would blow at speeds ranging between three to 10 knots and up to 18 knots at times.

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