Qatar brokers deal between Libya tribes

 24 Nov 2015 - 4:12

Qatar brokers deal between Libya tribes
Representatives of Libya’s Tuareg and Tebu tribes exchange documents after signing a reconciliation agreement in the presence of Assistant Foreign Minister for International Cooperation Affairs H E Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman bin Jassim Al Thani in Doha yesterday.

DOHA: Qatar has successfully brokered peace between the two rival tribes in southern Libya who have battled for control of oilfields.
The tribes of Tebu and Tuareg yesterday signed a comprehensive reconciliation agreement under the auspices of Emir H H Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani.
The peace agreement  puts an end to fighting in the town of Ubari in southwestern Libya, reported Qatar News Agency (QNA). The agreement was signed here by the heads of the delegations of both the tribes in the presence of Qatar’s Assistant Foreign Minister for International Cooperation Affairs H E Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman bin Jassim Al Thani.
A permanent ceasefire is part of the agreement that also stipulates the return of the displaced people of Ubari to their homes, opening of the public roads to Ubari and ending all armed manifestations in the town.
In a joint statement, the two sides welcomed Qatar’s efforts under the leadership of Emir H H Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, to achieve reconciliation that was endorsed by all tribes and neighbouring countries.
The statement calls on all Libyans to reach an agreement and reconciliation and work side by side to build the country.
After the signing, participating factions expressed appreciation for Qatar’s efforts to achieve reconciliation, which underlines the significance of Qatari mediation in ending disputes through peaceful means.
In turn, Qatar expressed hope that the reconciliation will help in achieving further harmony and unity among Libyans and maintaining the security and stability in Libya, QNA said. 
Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman told QNA that Qatar’s efforts to solve the dispute in southern Libya stems from its belief that dialogue is the most effective way to end conflicts in all countries, expressing hope that the reconciliation that was agreed will be a starting point for bringing peace across Libya.
Speaking exclusively to QNA, Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman hailed the role of neighbouring countries, notably Algeria and Niger, in the success of Qatar’s efforts, praising all the sides and parties to the conflict who were patient and brave and met at the same table, which, he said, helped in reaching a comprehensive reconciliation agreement to end fighting in the southern town of Ubari between the tribes of Tuareg and Tebu. He added that the Qatari initiative came after interaction with the Libyan General National Congress who requested that the brokers a mediation in southern Libya, a region that has been suffering from disputes in more than one area.

The Assistant Foreign Minister said H H the Emir directed for working with all sides and hosting negotiations in Doha, adding that the process started with hosting negotiations between the two tribes, with Qatar playing the mediatory role.
He said the dialogue was inter-Libyan and Qatar worked to bring points of view closer, adding that this is the role Qatar was known for in settling disputes in Darfur, Djibouti, Eritrea and Lebanon.
He said Qatar’s brokering the reconciliation agreement is a cornerstone in the consolidation of security and stability in southern Libya, adding that Qatar will continue to stand by the choices of the Libyan people and exert any effort that helps restore security and stability in Libya.
He said the agreement aims to stop the bloodshed among Libyans and is of great importance to the re-establishment of security and stability in southern Libya, a crucial area for Libya and neighbouring countries. 
He said the significance of the agreement stems from its role in preserving Libya’s territorial unity and bears significance for Qatar as it contributes to United Nations efforts in supporting Libyan dialogue. 
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