A new look with ambitious vision

 29 Oct 2016 - 23:57

New developments in the media and the competition to offer the best have made it necessary for The Peninsula to cope with these rapid changes and take steps to introduce a new look inspired with unlimited ambition.

There is no doubt that the print media continues to play a significant role in the emerging new media landscape which is getting a more influential role in different circumstances, at the local and global levels.

The local English media has a global dimension in its ways of coverage and targets groups of readers who constitute not less than 70 percent of our beloved country’s population.

This makes it necessary to approach issues with a global vision taking into account our readers’ interest in constant development to keep pace with the global advancement and in line with the world media services to meet our readers’ aspirations.

The changes in the look, layout and placement of content are the result of huge efforts of our staff and the realisation that we have to race against time and catch up with the march of excellence and development.

However, reflection of this will also be in its coverage, analysis and enhancement of factors contributing to media success.

We hope this new style and look of the daily meets our readers’ expectations and admiration, at the local and global levels.

We would like to reiterate our commitment to spare no efforts to offer the best, and enhance the excellence to keep the daily in its unflagging march of development and maintain its leading position as the top English daily -- with no doubt or competition.

Our ambition for development and advancement has no limits. We seek our readers’ opinions, suggestions and constructive ideas which are always welcome. Together, we will march towards excellence.