Allegations, not demands

 29 Jun 2017 - 10:27

Dr. Khalid Al-Shafi | Editor-in-Chief

It is not possible to accept the dictates of the countries which imposed the blockade against Qatar because what they have made are allegations, not demands, which will remain ink on paper unless they provide the evidence. And in that case, both sides can sit together and discuss the issues in the Gulf tradition and in accordance with international laws.

Other than these procedures, Qatar cannot deal with any complaints or demands, as they call it. Qatar, since the beginning of this crisis, has called for dialogue to solve the problems and the causes leading to it, in the GCC framework and in the framework of international organisations’ decisions. The differences in the allegations of these countries make it clear to all people in the world, especially in the Gulf region, that these accusations are fabricated and there is no hard evidence. 

Anyone who has observed the developments during the period of the blockade can understand the hidden intentions and that plans were prepared in advance. These  fabrications started with the hacking of Qatar News Agency and allegations against the Emir, which Qatar has denied. But, unfortunately, the channels, which have a special agenda, didn’t pay attention to Qatar’s denial and continued the abuse against a brotherly country.

Despite this abuse by a number of hired journalists in several newspapers and channels in these countries, Qatar remained firm and its position is stronger than these media debates. Qatar has stressed more than once that it welcomes any efforts to solve the crisis and is ready to bring the situation to the pre-crisis level. It also highly appreciates the efforts of the Emir of Kuwait H H Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah to find a solution and restore Gulf solidarity.

Qatar has also stressed it is ready to discuss these allegations except those which are related to its sovereignty because it is a redline that can’t be crossed. The statements of Foreign Minister H E Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani during his meeting with the US Secretary of State attracted my attention and also their discussions about reconciliation. The Minister said that what was presented by the siege countries were merely claims without any concrete evidence, and he stressed that Qatar and the US agreed the demands should be reasonable, and the siege countries should also have a desire for negotiations. The picture presented by the Foreign Minister is a gist of the situation faced by Qatar with the siege countries and how to deal with this crisis created by these countries. 

We do not want to exaggerate the stand of anyone but Qatar’s stand will remain high, and it has nothing to hide. However, others are in deep sleep and are trying to bring about alternatives and new fabrications as the current justifications could not fool even the simple citizens of the GCC countries.

We are not against the GCC integration and stand for equal justice and responsibilities. Every country has the right to deal with its issues freely, without any foreign interference. We are waiting what the coming days will bring but the position of Qatar is like the sun in the sky and it does not pay attention to any foreign concerns except the interests of its people who have respect, loyalty and obedience to the leaders.