The Peninsula: Leading from the front

 21 Mar 2017 - 9:52

It’s not surprising that The Peninsula won the prestigious Middle East Digital Media Award as the third Best News Website. The award has come as a result of the constant efforts and development made by our staff throughout the past year. This was reflected in the diversity of coverage, the continuous updates and follow-ups that made the website the key source of different news round-the-clock.

We at The Peninsula never undermine the positions and contributions of any other local or international websites because we believe a sense of responsibility and continuous competitiveness are the keys of success of any actor in the field of journalism.

The Peninsula has been provided with all requirements of success, although leadership, dealing with the situations and utility of skills of each employee in his area of specialisations remain the major engine of development for a newspaper seeking excellence.

The daily underwent holistic change on the third of March last year - change in terms of content and form, which created a spirit of teamwork where all worked together to achieve the development plan.

All played an outstanding role, putting their best efforts to place the daily in the leading position. The change was welcomed and was reflected in the perceptions and interactions with the readers and customers. However, the real success we are longing for is not to take the higher position but to continue building on the achievement with more efforts for further success and outstanding performances.

We are grateful to all those who contributed to this development with ideas, efforts, encouragement, visits, subscriptions or placing of advertisements. Therefore, we renew our pledge and commitment to continue on the leading path by introducing everything new to convey information. We will continue to adopt new ideas, away from the routine, and will be open to everything new that serves the media and readers.

We will continue to convey knowledge and information with transparency and objectivity to achieve balanced coverage in line with the general policy governing the media and ethics of the profession in our country. Thanks to all.