HH the Emir: Proud of his people and expatriates

 20 Sep 2017 - 2:12

Dr. Khalid Al-Shafi | Editor-in-Chief

As always, HH the Emir speaks the truth, addresses the global issues with transparency and objectivity. In his comprehensive and clear speech at the UN General Assembly meeting yesterday, His Highness urged the whole world to address with full responsibility and legality the problems being faced by some countries of the world.

In his speech, HH addressed several issues and outlined his views and Qatar’s position on them.

He said candidly and clearly that he always would ask for protection of the rights of states, not insults or interference in their internal affairs. However, “Today my country and its people are facing an unjust siege since June 5, imposed by neighbouring countries which is treachery”. The aim of this step was to create a shocking impact and make the country surrender to full guardianship over it.

The Emir urged Myanmar to take its legal and moral responsibility and stop migration and religious discrimination against the Rohingya, asking the international community to provide them with support. Regarding the first Muslims issue, the Palestine cause, HH refused the Judaization of Al Quds and the siege imposed on Gaza Strip demanding to give priority to the peace process and appealing to Palestinians to accomplish the reconciliation process and unite against risks and challenges.

HH did not forget the Syrian and Libyan causes where he appealed the international community to play its role in line with the aspiration and ambitions of the people in these countries.

Let me express my pride of my people and expatriates in the State of Qatar, from different nationalities and cultures, for resistance against the siege and rejection of dictations with dignity and determination for independence of Qatari sovereign decision.

HH the Emir reiterated his call for dialogue without preconditions and mutual respect for sovereignty. He highly appreciated the Kuwaiti mediation being led by H H Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah which is supported by Qatar from the beginning of the diplomatic crisis. He also thanked all countries which supported the Kuwaiti mediation.

The exclusive and clear speech outlined the unjust siege on Qatar, the reasons behind it, the aims and means of resolving the crisis and restoring ties of GCC member countries. The success here is the presence of HH among the world leaders, while the siege countries were unable to convene the global forum in New York. The reason is their weak excuses and fabricated claims which have nothing to do with international relations, laws and humanitarian values.

Thanks to HH the Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, for his strong arguments, confidence in his people, presenting Qatar’s strong position to the UN members. We are proud of our leader who does not accept humiliation of Qatar and he is the best who can represent the people and every day we renew our pledge to our leader and our guardian Tamim Al Majd. Go ahead and the people are behind you and your banner and no people are disappointed as long as you are the leader.

Allah, the Nation and Tamim.