Qatar succeeds and blockade fails

 18 Jun 2017 - 9:49

Dr. Khalid Al-Shafi | Editor-in-Chief

With time, the blockade is crumbling and my country is breaking the siege with determination, with support from its people who stood behind their beloved leadership. These consecutive successes are not accidental but the outcome of hard work done over the years at the global level and the diplomatic stances during different international events. 

Those who imposed the blockade are reaping failure after failure. The international community is not accepting their allegations and their psychological and imaginary interpretations, as the world is looking for verifiable evidence and is dealing with the issue in a more objective and transparent way. 

The baseless accusations they have used to damage the image of Qatar did not convince even their closest supporters and even their fellow citizens, who are aware of every single detail. This made their reactions to the ongoing crisis different as some expressed reservation about the fabrications, some rejected them or expressed surprise while others were shocked. Some expressed their views through the social media which were contrary to the official position of their countries, pushing the authorities in these countries to impose strict rules banning sympathy with Qatar and threatening violators with fine and imprisonment. It is a clear violation of human rights and these measures were taken when they failed to convince their citizens about the actions taken against their closest neighbour and a sister country.

These three countries have insulted themselves with their measures rather than Qatar and history will be witnessing this fact. The current crisis has made Qataris more united and convinced them about the need to depend on themselves and work hard, without getting dragged by the media conspiracy which is still continuing.

These countries did not find ears to listen to their justifications for the blockade and instead were surprised by the reactions their delegations faced while touring different countries to explain their flimsy positions. At the same time, the Qatari diplomacy succeeded in explaining what the country is facing under the blockade including violations of the rights of mixed families and the impact on the social fabric. 

Ironically, the claims of these countries are still not clear, and are constantly changing as if they are thoughts rather than reasonable facts. This confirms what Qatar has said - the issue is a matter of trying to control Qatar’s decision to make it dependent on others in its policy and decision-making and this will never happen under the leadership of the Emir H H Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, who stressed repeatedly that Qatar is not a country that will be marginalised because it has its own orientation and takes decisions according to its interests. 

Days are coming when Qatari successes are becoming stronger, and the blockade is facing global criticism, and Qatar is a success locally, regionally and globally gaining global respect. 

Our message to the world has been conveyed, which is that Qataris are a peaceful people and welcome all thoughts that help in renaissance of peoples and states. 

We welcome dialogue and reconciliation built on a strong and clear basis without insulting the sovereignty of any country.