QU President... a job well-done

 16 May 2016 - 2:14


Dr. Khalid Al-Shafi

Qatar University is the sole national university to which every Qatari (leadership and people) attribute great appreciation and respect. There is no doubt that the university has faced, during the recent period a time of administrative sluggishness which has led to delays in effecting important decisions which might have favoured it by developing its academic standards. The previous administration may have had its own philosophy and thought that led to the delays, but the situation has made it difficult to continue or ignore the necessity of substantial change. From here comes the importance of the brave decision taken by the new President of the University Dr. Hassan Al Derham, which has given a number of Qatari fresh faces a chance to play a role in the future of the university. 
As a member of the teaching staff of the Mass Media Communication Department, I felt since the appointment of the President last year, his sincere desire to make major changes and comprehensive development to put the university in a leading position, and the best proof of that is the new ranking of QU as the best Arab university which has made us all proud. 
Since his appointment, Dr Al Derham has adhered to significant administrative principles, including the “open door” policy which may have been lacking before. Thanks to Dr Al Derham whose policy has paved the way for listening and discussing all concerns and opinions, regardless of whether he agrees with them or not. This has helped to establish a vision for how to address problems and deficiencies. 
The appointments of a number of Qatari young academics will inject new blood into the university administration and improve the quality of education.  
Moreover, among his thoughtful initiatives was Dr Hassan’s invitation to the Editors-in-Chief of the Qatar newspapers, for a business dinner to exchange opinions and listen to their views. He was so eloquent during the meeting, and carefully listened to every suggestion that could help him in developing the university. 
Furthermore, he formed a number of committees including a committee to review the policy of students’ dismissal conditions and relevant arbitrary decisions taken in the past. The review of this policy has reduced the number of dismissed students and established a follow up system to address poor achievement problems.    
I would like to reiterate that the recent decisions were the outcomes of several discussions and meetings. Thanks again to the President for his thoughtful initiatives, and I wish him success in his work and his forthright strategic vision in developing our national university.