Qatar’s firmness and resilience

 14 Dec 2017 - 11:30

Dr. Khalid Al-Shafi | Editor-in-Chief

Six months and eight days have passed smoothly since the unjust siege was imposed on Qatar. The people during this testing time showed great unity and solidarity, looking for prosperity and future full of successes and development.

This was not Qatar’s option but every cloud has a silver lining. Their attempts to undermine our sovereignity were failed and Qataris have lined up behind their leader Emir H H Sheikh Tamim who shared love and loyalty with his people.

During the past six months, the siege countries tried all means which were never thought about before the crisis or expected from the closest brothers, neighbours belonging to the same organization of GCC. What happened was not taken into account and the result was not as the actors had planned because Qatar has set up its own plans which confused them from the very first moment of the crisis.

Qatar has become like a beehive, everyone working day and night harvesting for success thanks to the wise policies of the leadership of Tamim Al Majd and direct supervision of H E the Prime Minister and members of his Cabinet. These successes will remain imprinted in the memory of the people lived during this period in the country.

Qatar kept supporting initiatives and thoughtful calls since the first crime of cyber attack was committed, but the arrogance and misjudgement of things led the siege countries to refuse all mediation attempts. 

Rather they brought intensity in their measures to harm Qatar but all their attempts have failed and have been condemned by the international community.

We believe in constructive and fair dialogue, which protects the sovereignty of all countries and finds just solution for the differences. The recent decisions and decrees show that Qatar is steadily moving towards the future, building nation to compete with the most advanced and developed societies.

We will not stand idle to satisfy others. We have offered much for the sake of unity of Gulf, at the time the siege countries undermined all forms of relations and did not pay attention to the crises confronting the region. 
Qatar will continue its march towards nation-building, offering all possible potentials to provide its people with decent life, peace, security and stability.

Qatar’s success on all fields will not be hindered by the fabricated allegations or irresponsible conducts. Qatar today has the bright future for everyone loves this nation.