Gulf summit in Kuwait

 11 Dec 2017 - 8:06

Dr. Khalid Al-Shafi | Editor-in-Chief

The three months prior to the 38th Gulf summit witnessed many talks and discussions. People were suspicious whether the summit would be held on time or suspended.

But, the determination and persistent efforts of Kuwait and its Emir, H H Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah, made it possible on time despite the impact of the current crisis and differences between the member countries, which surely was a great success. 

Qatar as usual was in favour of cooperation and keen to maintain the unity of the Gulf Cooperation Council, its strengthening in order to move towards new horizon and prosperous future. 

Qatar’s participation under the leadership of Emir H H Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani outlined a number of facts including appreciation and respects to the Kuwaiti mediation and its Emir who has spared no effort to end the rift among the Gulf countries.

Qatar aspires to see the GCC system continuing with unity for its successes and progress to meet the aspirations of Gulf citizens. As well Qatar wanted to reiterate its commitment to dialogue, as the only means to settle the Gulf crisis. Engagement in dialogue to settle all differences was the demand of the State of Qatar from the very first moment of the crisis. But this must be done without compromising national sovereignty or confiscation of national decision. 

The summit held on its time, but unfortunately the participation of the siege countries was below expectation with low level representations. Not only that but they tried to send negative message to the Gulf organization by announcing the formation of a joint Saudi-UAE cooperation committee in the fields of military, economy, politics, trade and culture. This step has further blurred the scene and the future of Gulf organization which was established in 1981 with membership of six states. 

The participation of Emir H H Shiekh Tamim was extremely significant at all levels: Gulf, the region and at global level. It reaffirmed that Qatar has nothing to hide, ready to talk and wants to find solution and end of the unjust siege imposed by three of its Gulf neighbours. Qatari participation made the siege countries feel insecure and they minimized their representation but Qatar affirmed its truthfulness and desire for peace. Blockading countries escaped from facing the truth and they could not justify their absence from the summit. 

Tamim’s Qatar still extending its hand for dialogue, openness and paying respect to the Kuwaiti mediation in order to settle differences within the Gulf system making it gain respect and credibility.

Qatar has managed to play its role at global platforms and will continue gaining respect of the international community and achieve progress despite attempts to hinder its development march.