Qatar cannot be defeated by conspirators

 09 Jun 2017 - 9:32

Dr. Khalid Al-Shafi / Editor-in-Chief

The variety of fabrications and spreading of fake news currently in the Gulf region is witnessing an odd situation which reflects the dilemma of being unable to justify unjustifiable reasons and disability of rumour mongers to keep pace with facts on the ground.

False reports, lies and repeated fabricated information through media outlets which have no actual presence in the Gulf societies have unmasked them in front of public who is already aware about every details of the ongoing crisis.

Money is the major driver of every lies and marketing of false news and purchasing corrupted hopeless individuals of the society has become a common practice in some media outlets which have no alternatives except kneeling down for money. 

The whole story now is unveiled more than ever. It is time to say to those greedy opportunists and seeker of cheap benefits, who are continuing to insult national symbols, attributing false allegations and misinformation, it is enough and this game is working no more with people who chose to live a dignified life and leaders who never kneel. 

Whatever you say or do, our confidence in Allah and unity of our people and leaders is very strong and has no limit and we will not bow to anyone other than Allah, and our decision remain in our hands. 
Offenders have gone beyond any logic and thinking. Unfortunately those offenders are gambling with emotions of people because the corrupt media propaganda has failed to convince anyone. Gulf societies are united and no one is believing the lies and fabricated stories they are broadcasting and publishing. 

All insults and systematic defamation campaign has come this time unfortunately from neighbouring brotherly countries and not from enemies. Countries for which we pay much respect, where the people are aware of what they are doing and have rejected the boycott campaign targeting Qatar for unjustifiable reasons. 

This public position has forced governments of these countries to take strict measures against their own citizens, if they dare to utter a single word showing sympathy with Qatar or opposing their allegations. Fines in millions, jail term for tens of years to prevent public reactions not only to reject their decisions. 

Qatar-the nation of love, peace and liberality- has not barred any TV channel, newspaper, radio or websites to operate here, even those insulting Qatar, its people and leadership. Because we are confident enough of our policies, steps, wisdom of our leaders, and unity of our people and his leaders. 

Qatar has chosen long time ago for transparency as approach to deal with any differences, welcoming others opinions, therefore we do not restrict the rights of others to speak, work or travel or live. The states imposing siege on Qatar has shut down all Qatari media outlets in their countries to give their people a single view, false news and fabricated information. 

Not only the media campaign is continuing but also the hacking attempts. Qatar News Agency, Qatar TV and Al Jazeera satellite channel were all targeted by hackers yesterday. An attempt to post another new fabricated news and information. 

We will remain seeker of peace not subservience, without overdoing our principles and values, and our lives are for country and leadership which has spared no effort to achieve prosperity and dignified life for the people. But also sculptured the name of Qatar in the world map as major actor.