Aleppo weeps for urgent help

 03 May 2016 - 0:53


Dr. Khalid Al-Shafi

An intense series of killings and destructive bombardment by different parties are taking place in Syria, despite repeated promises to stop them through the so-called Geneva talks. Negotiations are expected, they say, to result in a ceasefire in order to pave the way for a political process which will involve all a wide political spectrum, and components of the Syrian people.
The killings in Aleppo by Bashar Al Assad’s forces, supported by Russia and other militias are horrific. Since the beginning of the current wave of aggression in Aleppo, more than 250 people have been killed in brutal bombings in the first two days. Some reports say the toll reached 700. Many houses and hospitals were damaged in the city.
Everything has become clear to all regarding what is happening behind the scenes and agreements made behind screens. It is clear that such things cannot take place without the consent of super and influential powers. Our wise leadership has spared no effort to try to stop the massacres in Syria, particularly in Aleppo, by moving at Arab and international levels.
Qatari diplomats, headed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs H E Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdurrahman Al Thani, called for a meeting of the Arab League to discuss the ongoing crimes in Aleppo, and to take necessary measures to stop it. In addition, Qatar has used its contacts at a global level to explain the miserable conditions the Syrians are experiencing in Aleppo due to bombings by the regime’s forces and its supporters.
The international community needs to take its responsibility in accordance with the rule of law and global norms to stop this aggression. While the world powers previously quickly intervened in other countries to protect civilians, their lukewarm response to the Syrian crisis has cast serious doubts on their credibility. The horrifying crimes have compelled the Arab and Islamic countries to take a stern decision to end the disaster.
Countries in the region should also take a firm stand to end the sufferings of the Syrians. It is high time for them to reformulate the region in line with security, stability, freedom and people’s dignity.