Time to end contradictions and arrogance

 01 Aug 2017 - 2:46

Dr. Khalid Al-Shafi | Editor-in-Chief

Siege countries are meeting repeatedly to decide on possibly insulting and harming the State of Qatar, but with the passage of time their real faces are being exposed making them a laughing stock before the international community.
Blockading countries have been forced to retreat under global pressure because there is no logic or justification for the aggressive blockade they have imposed on Qatar except the motives of jealousy, competition and trying to control sovereign decisions of Qatar.
What they are trying is to save face but actually they are in a dilemma because of the incessant criticism they are facing from everywhere. These pressures made them retreat from 13 demands to six as the 13 points they presented could not even convince their closest allies, rather some of the allies considered those claims clear infringement of Qatar’s sovereignty and independent decision-making.
From the very first day of the crisis, Qatar repeatedly called for constructive and objective dialogue to end the crisis and the removal of the real motives behind the steps taken by these countries.
At the same time, Qatar strongly rejected all sort of measures and decisions that violate its national sovereignty and were against the policies and principles of mutual respect.
Qatar’s stand and vision was clearly articulated in the speech of the Emir H H Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani to his people.
The Emir made it clear in the “dignity speech” that Qatar welcomes dialogue and negotiations which are “based on two principles: First, the solution should be within the framework of respect for the sovereignty and will of each State; and second, it should not be in the form of orders by one party to another, but rather as mutual undertakings and joint commitments binding to all.”
The Manama meeting has come up with nothing except further confusion, lack of confidence and incapability to convince audiences, in addition to revealing differences and dissatisfaction which appeared on the faces of the ministers and in their illogical reactions and answers to reporters’ questions.
It is very hard to avoid ground realities. Therefore, there is no other alternative than to sit at the negotiation table. Serious, reliable and honest approach is needed based on GCC brotherly ties miles away from arrogance as juvenile behaviour will not work. Therefore it must be changed with well-thought out decisions.
Qatar, in all cases has nothing to lose and will remain united, resisting and defending its sovereignty. It has not been affected and will not be affected and will remain a model for peace, co-existence and benevolence in the region.