The safest state to live in

 30 Nov 2017 - 15:01

The Peninsula

After becoming a sports paradise of the world and a regional leader viz a viz sustainable development, Qatar has now made another landmark achievement by establishing its place among the safest countries of the world with low crime rates.

Qatar’s global distinctions are many from being the first in terms of generosity for philanthropic initiatives to the promoter of peace and education across the globe and recently the world also recognized it as the safest state to live in.

It is an honour for the state, government and its people that Qatar has been ranked first in the Middle East in low crime rates. Qatar has the seventh-lowest crime rate globally as well according to the latest annual Global Crime Index by Numbeo.

In his presentation at the Crime Statistics Workshop organised by Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics, Mohammed Al Muhannadi, Director of Population and Social Statistics Department at the Ministry, said recently that Qatar’s high safety ranking is in line with the Qatar National Vision 2030 that aims at creating a society of security, justice, and economic prosperity.
Few weeks ago, Qatar also topped the list of the Middle East and North Africa in the Global Peace Index for the ninth year in a row, and was ranked 30th among 163 countries included in the report of the London Institute for Economics and Peace.

Qatar has maintained its first ranking in the Middle East and North Africa since 2009 and it has also achieved high ranks globally during the same period by achieving high assessment rates that surpassed many developed countries.

According to another report issued by the Swiss golden visa organisation in 2016, Qatar was ranked second on the list of the 24 safest countries of the world.

In the workshop of MDPS, Al Muhannadi said that the Ministry is working in coordination with the data sources in order to standardise the concepts and terminology of the crime statistics data between the concerned parties, so that each term is defined by the clients of those data.

These achievements have been made despite the blockade which was imposed on Qatar six months ago. It also shows Qatar’s ability to deal with all difficult crisis facing the region. This major achievement can be seen in the light of non-stability and increase in crimes in a number of countries across the globe.

Qatar’s successes in these fields especially security and safety (which depends on statistics related to crimes and drugs smuggling and its use) made the State of Qatar gain global institutions’ confidence.