IUNW: Saudi must be removed from UN Human Rights Council

 28 Sep 2017 - 2:29

The Peninsula

The Independent United Nations Watch (IUNW) yesterday called on the United Nations to immediately remove Saudi Arabia from the Human Rights Council. It also urges the United Nations to fully and independently investigate human rights abuses in Yemen.
With 36th UN Human Rights Council session coming to a conclusion this week; many countries remain unpunished for their countless human rights abuses. Saudi Arabia, Israel, Iran, India, Egypt, Philippines UAE and many others are clear example of the International community failure. Tomorrow will be essential day where Saudi Arabia will be discussed and possible independent investigation committee into its War on Yemen may be approved.
Thousands have been killed in Yemen in the Saudi-led Coalition for the more than two years. International community and the namely the UN seems to be powerless in protecting lives in the war-torn Yemen.
It is indeed bizarre to have Saudi Arabia setting on one of the most important International arenas concerned with Human Rights. Saudi Arabia should have never been allowed to set as a member in the 47-member states council.
IUNW received a copy of a Saudi letter leaked by the Press later on; in which Saudi Arabia clearly intimidated some of HRC member states to refrain from backing the Netherlands/Canadian resolution.
“This included threatening some Arabic and Muslim countries of more restrictions on the yearly Islamic pilgrimage. We also understant that some Asian countries where also pressured by Saudi Arabia where the later used Asian labour as a card,” it said.
A senior diplomat in an Arab mission revealed to IUNW that Saudi Arabia mission is doing its utmost efforts to kill the draft resolution planned for the vote this week.
“We didn’t receive this ridiculous letter only but also have been hardly lobbied by Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE. Our mission received dozens of phone calls urging us to refuse the resolution and pressure other non-Arab members in the council to adopt their position” said the diplomat.
The threatening letter which is against the protocols of HRC and the UN said: “Adopting Netherlands/Canadian draft resolution in the Human Rights Council may negatively affect the bilateral political economic relations with Saudi Arabia… Our relations may be severed and many joint projects will be at risk.”
IUNW invites all HRC member states to immediately step up their actions against Saudi attempt to suppress this important resolution. It also urges them to adopt the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein’s call which also demanded the to conduct independent investigation in the killing of thousands of Yemenis as well as the ongoing food shortages and daily military operations.
“Our organisation has spoken with many European member states in the council. it seems, there is a general mood to make this resolution succeed despite the Saudi and Arabic block attempt” said Lynn Omaha IUNW spokesperson.
“We already urged many countries to vote for this draft resolution and also discuss with them the possible available means to remove Saudi Arabia from the council. Saudi Arabia has terrible human rights record nationally and also regionally. If Saudi Arabia is not held to account, many more lives will be at risk,” she added.